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Group&Work is focused on bringing high-quality work management software to increase project delivery efficiency, visibility and improve collaboration.
Yevgen Liepieshkov

Yevgen Bright

As a CEO, Yevgen is focused on creating a product that helps teams worldwide work efficiently and communicate, in addition to leading the company and overseeing development, sales, and marketing.
Prior to founding Group&Work, Yevgen worked at startups and large corporations like Epam, Google, and Samsung and served as the Project Manager and Test Team Leader.
Bohdan Kosenko

Bohdan Kosenko

Bohdan is leading and overseeing the technology department of Group&Work as well as responsible for company technology's short and long-term strategy and vision.
Prior to Group&Work, Bohdan worked in various tech companies engineering departments and has extensive experience in leadership within tech-focused teams.
Svetlana Yuzvinskiy

Svetlana Yuzvinskiy

As a CMO, Svitlana is developing and implementing marketing strategies that help Group&Work to grow and thrive. Svitlana has a 10+ experience in digital marketing and management.
Before Group&Work, she worked worldwide in various technical and non-technical companies that shaped Svitlana’s diversified expertise and ability to develop innovative marketing solutions.