Working from home vs working from the office⚡️

Sep 17, 2021

👉🏻 Commuting

The average American worker spends at least 27 minutes on their daily commute to work, and it is getting worse. More than 14 million people spend an hour or more traveling to work," according to NPR.

That’s a lot of time you can save by becoming a telecommuter! Telecommuting is another way to say working remotely or from home by making full use of the internet, email, and phone.

👉🏻 Communication

According to research from our 2020 State of Business Communication Report, face-to-face communication is the most preferred communication method by employees.

Communication still happens when you’re working remotely — it’s just different. Face-to-face communication turns into video calls. Short conversations turn into Slack messages. Emails ... well, those stay emails. Nobody escapes those!

👉🏻 Flexibility

When working from an office, it’s likely you have a set schedule. Your alarm goes off at the same time every day, you grab your morning coffee at 7:05 am, and you’re at your desk by 9 am ready to work.

👉🏻 Financial Costs

The differences from working from home versus working at an office can be seen when it comes to finances — and we’re not talking about how much money you earn.

👉🏻 Management

Many organizations have had to switch to remote work for the very first time. Managers are likely concerned because they’ve never had to manage a remote workforce.

As a manager, you might have the desire to micromanage employees as they go remote. Instead, we suggest trusting people to perform until they prove otherwise. Employees want to do well; it's your job to help them get there.

Some call these differences advantages versus disadvantages — we call them opportunities. The team at Group&Work works remotely, and we’ve realized even more notable productivity gains from our glider to accelerate the shift from the office to work from home.

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