Who said ASANA?! Yoga asanas for those who sit a lot!

Sep 24, 2021

Do you know that sitting at your desk for a long time is almost as harmful as smoking?

That is why we decided to make your office stay easier and have prepared some helpful exercises for you:

1. Let's start with tilting and rotating the head.

This is a simple yet effective exercise. To do this, you need to sit up straight (lower your shoulders), make slow bends back and forth, right and left, and go to the rotation of the head clockwise or counterclockwise.

(Repeat 10 times in each direction)

2. Move on to shoulder exercises.

Starting with shoulder rotations, move on to stretching: reach your right hand to your left shoulder and similarly in the opposite direction.

3. And don't forget about back exercises.

To do this, you need to stretch out your arms and fold them into the castle. Then raise it, turn it in the other direction and stretch it up nicely.

We recommend adding a short "walk" around the office after.

All the exercises will take you no more than five minutes, but they will surely give you strength and energize you for work.

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