Remote work: go to the sea to work and relax, how to combine? How to stay productive and not miss your vacation?!

Sep 24, 2021

According to a 2017 study, about half of the Americans surveyed were on full-time leave more than a year ago, and about a third more than two years ago. And with the advent of quarantine in our life, their number has definitely increased.

The surest way not to ruin your career and relax without remorse is to prepare everything in advance. Warn colleagues, delegate the most important tasks, and do the rest in advance.

Are you worried that someone will skip you on the career ladder and you miss out on a promotion? So even more so that you should have a good rest and gain strength.

What if something unexpected happens? So try to get everything ready in the office. For example, you can receive an important letter in the mail at any time, so ask your colleague for a favor. You can help them later.

If you think taking a break from work is too much stress, try combining it. One option is to ask for a reduction in working hours. This will give you more free time for entertainment.

The key is to remember that hard work remains work.

And don't forget to set all your tasks ahead of time so you can get started right away after a great break. How convenient that all this is possible with Group&Work!

Since you have already taken the risk of going on vacation, don't waste your time, but best of all, subscribe to us and plan everything so that everything is on time. This is possible and proven by us!

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