Top must-read books if you are a project manager

Sep 24, 2021

Our team has prepared for you a list of the best and most popular books for a project manager. There is both fiction and more complex literature. Do you like to read? Read this post to the end!

And we'll start with the bible for a project manager:

Project Management Body Of Knowledge, PMBOK

Any project manager is obliged to read this book regardless of his level. This book is a set of guidelines, approaches, and practices required for successful project management.

As for lighter fiction, we have a small list to start studying such a profession as project management.

Literature like this is perfect for a quick read on the way to work or on weekends:

  • Tom DeMarco and Timothy Lister: "Human factor. Successful projects and teams” & "Waltzing with the Bears"
  • Frederick Brooks: "Mythical Man-Month"
  • Alan Cooper: "Mental hospital in the hands of patients"
  • Patrick Lencioni: "Five vices of the team"
  • Gavin Kennedy: "We can agree on everything!"
  • J. Hunk Rainwater: "How to Graze Cats"
    You've already read it? Or, when you're done reading our list, we'll have a new selection for you!
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