Tips and tricks on how to stay motivated and organized How do I stay organized?

Sep 23, 2021

Organisation 💙 is the first keyword. For those who are disorganised, staying motivated for their exams can be challenging. You don’t have to start with a “bullet journal” or meticulously plan your daily routine, but some small changes to your working style can really help:

Get into a routine 💙 It is often underestimated, but planning your week helps immensely. It’s best to write down the due dates for coursework to gain a better overview of your tasks for the week. You should set goals for yourself such as taking some time to look through your notes. If you repeat this week after week, you will quickly get into a routine.

To-do lists  💙 As silly as to-do lists may sound, they are a saviour in everyday life. Universities are not the only establishment to set important dates and tasks. Part-time jobs, your friends and your shopping list also don’t want to be overlooked!

Write it down!  💙 In most of your seminars and lectures you will receive material from your professors. If you turn up prepared for your classes, it is much easier to remain interested and to understand the content of the class. You will learn specific knowledge by reading through the study material and your notes from the class which will help you to make sense of a subject later on.

Work it over!  💙 Don’t give up now! Going through notes and content is just as important. The most important key-points/theses and explanations should be written down again and again. When there is not much time left until your exam, you can simply look at your own notes meaning you don’t have to start all over again. 3 key points on an index card looks better than 30 PowerPoint slides!

Prepare! 💙 If you’ve made it to university, you should have some preparation skills. However, it always helps to have a reminder to use them!

The biggest changes start in your head. Think positive!

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