Notes by Group&Work

Features Apr 10, 2020

People, it's time to brag.  Our multitasking collaborative tool got a new stylish feature - Notes!

What are they all about?
Group&Work Notes is a convenient feature where you can create documents with pictures, videos, tables, detailed links, and other components. You can insert a frame from Figma, InVision, Google tables, or any other website.

Why choose us?
Our notes were designed to be used by groups of people.
They are the right choice for users whose primary goal is to collaborate.

How to collaborate in notes?
Everything is simple.  Only members of the working group have access to the note you create. All of them can create, comment, and change the document themselves.

Example: the project manager gives a task to the designer, the designer implements it in notes, then the project manager makes his changes. Afterward, the copywriter writes the text, and the marketing lead gets it ready for social networks. All of this is done in one place.

More implementation.
The note component will be integrated into different parts of the entire Group & Work platform.  For example, it can be used to describe tasks in the task-board or events on the calendar.

Leave your comments and tips on our facebook or send us an email.  Your opinion is important to us.


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