7 ways to be more productive everyday

Sep 14, 2021

Stage Your Workspace

Set up a workspace that supports productivity. An L-shaped desk works well if you need space for a computer and a surface where you can work on papers. Stick with a single desk if clutter seems to grow on any surface. Use music or white noise CDs to create a mood that helps you focus.

Declutter and Organize

Remove distractions from your work space and leave only the items you need to do your job. Organize your work materials in a file system and use drawers or cabinets to store out of sight the items you don’t use often. Use desktop organizers or trays to keep work materials out of your way so you can focus on the task at hand.

Set the Pace and Tone

Start your day off with an eye toward productivity by arriving on time. Practice punctuality throughout the day by sticking to break schedules and setting and adhering to deadlines. Complete the most difficult task first to build confidence and combat the effect of procrastination on productivity.

Work Smart

Study your tasks to see what it takes to perform well. Eliminate wasted effort that slows you down and zero in on critical tasks. Establish a rhythm.

Ask for Help

Use your co-workers to help and return the favor when asked to boost your productivity. Ask for help with large projects, handing off some tasks so you can concentrate on others.

Plan Each Day

Take control by planning each day and scheduling the tasks you repeat each day. Be mindful of slow and busy times and the tasks that fit well within those periods. Set incremental goals, such as a number to reach in one hour or before lunch break.

Take Breaks

Take regularly scheduled breaks and lunch periods. Break up the day by walking to the water fountain or stand up to stretch your muscles. Tack a quick walk around the outside perimeter of the building at the end of your lunch period.

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