7 Home Office Workspace Tips to Get Organized

Sep 23, 2021

1. Start Afresh

If the last time you actually saw the top of your desk was in 2009, it’s time for a clean sweep—literally. Take each and every piece of paper, office supply, and pen off the desk, leaving only your monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

2. Keep It Simple

Working remotely means that you can design your digs any way you’d like, but just because you can have a myriad of magazines, photos, and plants adorning your desk doesn’t mean that you should.

3. Make Sure Your “Co-Workers” Understand Your Need for Space

A dedicated workspace can help you get into work mode, allowing you to focus and be far more productive. But sometimes, a home office isn’t a room with four walls and a door. A home office can be anywhere—a former closet, the dining room table, even a nook under the stairs!

4. Divide Workspace From Personal Space

Three-hundred square feet of apartment space isn’t uncommon for New York City. And if that’s your situation, you need to find a way to squeeze a functional home workspace somewhere in that tiny area. Having your desk right next to your bed isn’t exactly the best option if you want some semblance of work-life balance.

5. Sit at a Work-Only Desk

Keeping an orderly desk is challenging even when you work in an office and everything on your desk is related to your job.

6. Set up a System

Even the most organized person can get swallowed up by their workload—and a home office will suffer for it. So invest in organizational tools to keep everything in its place and keep your productivity level high.

7. Keep It Clean

Sure, you may work at home where the only other living creature who sees your digs is your dog, Jake. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep your space neat and organized.

Having a home office that is clean and clutter-free is the first step in creating a better workflow. It can help you focus and stay on top of your workload, or help you keep track of the job applications you’re sending and the hiring managers you’re speaking with!

Once your space is clear, not only will it be easier to maintain, but you’ll be motivated to keep it neat and tidy, too.

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