4 Tips to increase productivity while working remotely 🔥

Sep 17, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed millions of employees to work from home, including many who never had before. A number of these remote-work arrangements were implemented suddenly, leaving employees and managers alike to navigate a new work reality alongside personal anxieties and concerns about the public health crisis.

1. Set Priorities

Because of all the competing demands for workers' attention right now, it's become more important that leaders step in and help prioritize what needs to get done. Reduce clutter by removing things from the to-do list that aren't essential and let people focus on what is.

2. Define Boundaries

Remote workers should designate a certain area of their home as a workspace in order to concentrate better and minimize disruptions.

3. Use Meeting Time Wisely

The more time that's spent on formal meetings, the less time there is for employees' other responsibilities or for more-beneficial informal interactions with managers and colleagues. If it isn't critical to the business or the well-being of your employees, cancel it.

4. Practice Self-Care

People need to be conscious of their mental state. Productivity happens when people can reduce their stress levels. Build self-care into your daily routine, whether that is a walk in the sunshine, contact with loved ones or spending virtual social time with colleagues.

"Your greatest power is your perspective. It can victimize you or empower you. When you look for the upside in a downside situation and figure out what you can control and what you can't, it's easier to accept whatever is beyond your control."

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