3 things we learned from the quarantine

Useful Apr 7, 2020

Once upon a time, our distant ancestors crawled out of the water and onto the shore, leaving the depths of oceans and bristle fishes to the Titanic. Meteorite and Ice Age killed the dinosaurs and gave life to the mammoths. The French Revolution forced men to strengthen their necks, and Malcolm X and Martin Luther King paved the way for our idols LeBron James and Travis Scott. The world is constantly changing, whether we like it or not. And it is foolish to deny it.

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has thrown billions of people into quarantine. The virus didn’t spare no one , not top athletes, nor politicians, nor ordinary citizens. Some get bored and go crazy. Others are excited about a new video game release, while some listen to live broadcasts of Robbie Williams. Our lives will never be the same. Perhaps, we will begin to appreciate it more and spend a lot of time outdoors when all off this is over. We will also realize that we can do a lot while being at home.

Video Chat Workouts

Some physical trainers sit at home without work to do. Others — conduct paid training remotely. The real guru of this is Dr. Holger Bruich from Bavaria. The Munich team became the first sports organization on the planet that decided to keep fit not individually but as a team. The video chat coach shows players online the exercises and monitors their implementation. It looks cool and fun.

It is possible that in the future, they will work remotely with injured athletes who are now forced to come to the training ground for rehabilitation.

Education without socializing

In many countries, students have switched to distance learning.

Teachers give lectures and conduct tests online. It is probably easier to cheat while at home. Education is really beneficial for students, so they should be responsible and make the most of it. Studying remotely opens up the opportunity for a guy from Pakistan to study at an American private school without physically moving there. But most importantly, people who have difficulties with socializing certainly need this format. For example, people with Asperger Syndrome. They can do remarkable things, but moving to a college campus is extremely difficult for them.

Work without traffic jams

People are conquering space, they are learning to fight cancer and use TikTok, but many of us still have to go to work every day. Sometimes it seems that even in the distant future, every morning, people will fly on ultra-steep trains through the core of the earth to get to work. Like in the movie “Total Recall” with Colin Farrell.

We sincerely hope that the quarantine will open the eyes of conservative employers, and they will finally understand that many professions do not require an office. A cup of coffee, a laptop, and a sandwich are all that is needed. No more traffic jams and huge crowds in the subway.

While the whole world is changing by the minute, we are making a product that will meet new trends. Group&Work is an excellent solution for working or studying remotely. Leave your email address and be one of the first private beta users.


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